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WELCOME to explore STIMULATHERAPY world. We promise for the magical knowledge for you!



Pastikan, anda pengusaha pusat terapi minda PERTAMA di kawasan anda!

Terbuka kepada usahawan lelaki dan wanita yang positif dan berwawasan.

Persatuan Pengamal Stimulatherapy Malaysia (PESTIMAL) adalah sebuah badan

pengamal perubatan kompliementari yang bernaung di bawah FCNMAM (Federation of

Complimentary and Natural Medical Associations of Malaysia). PESTIMAL dengan kerjasama

Stimulatherapy Academy of Malaysia dan Stimulaterapi Minda 1Malaysia Sdn Bhd, akan lancarkan

kursus Asas Usahawan Terapi (AUT) Oleh Dato’ Dr Hj Rusly Abdullah, Presiden PESTIMAL.

Objektif kursus adalah memberi maklumat tepat tentang syarat dan peraturan sebagai pengamal

perubatan komplimentari di Malaysia. Serta, bagaimana anda boleh ceburi bidang yang bernilai

Rm12 billion setahun ini. Stimulatherapy mempunyai empat sub-modality yang boleh anda pilih:

What Is Stimulatherapy?

The term Stimulatherapy is used to describe Javanese massage techniques employed independently or in conjunction with or to complement conventional medical treatments in order to stimulate the whole bodily system and helps lessen pain or to promote physical and spiritual wellness. As a way of keeping everybody well and happy. Stimulatherapy is employed to complement the care that we received from our doctors. We can help our body relieve itself of common ailments, by pressing the proper spots and taking certain herbal tea at the end of a treatment session.

"WALI DRINK" is a special tea that using in stimulatherapy.

Many of the health problems in our society nowdays - from bad backs to arthritis - are the result of living un-naturally. Stress, tension, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and poor posture contribute to the epidemic of degenerative diseases in our culture. Stimulative massage such as Stimulatherapy are ways to help our body fight back and balance itself in the face of the pressures of modern life.

Stimulatherapy is one of the ways to reduce the stressful among people.

Stimulatherapy is a type of complimentary medicine based on a belief in vitalism, of which vital energy or vital force guides bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction and growth. Stimulatherapy favors a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment by encouraging the use of gentle and manipulative Javanese massage techniques and sequences. Precisely we may conclude that Stimulatherapy is a "Stimulation" therapy used both as a compliment to conventional medicine and as a preventative/complimentary therapy.

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