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What is Stimulatherapy?

The Stimulatherapy term used to describe the Java massage techniques that work independently or in conjunction with or to complement conventional medical treatment to stimulate the body system as a whole and helps to reduce pain or to promote physical and spiritual health. As a way to keep everyone well and happy. Stimulatherapy help to complete the treatment we received from the doctor. We can help the body rid itself of common diseases, by pressing the right spot and take some herbal tea at the end of the treatment session.

Many health problems in our society is the result from unnatural lifestyle. Stress, tension, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and poor posture contributes to the epidemic of degenerative diseases in our culture.  Stimulatherapy is the way to help our bodies back to health and balance itself in the face of pressures of modern life.

Stimulatherapy is one way to reduce stress among the people.

Stimulaterapi is a kind of free medicine based on the belief in vitalism, in which vital energy or vital force guide body processes such as metabolism, reproduction and growth. Stimulaterapi is a holistic approach to non-invasive treatment to promote the use of massage techniques that combine Java manipulation and massage. Exactly we can conclude that Stimulaterapi is "Stimulus" is used as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine


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